Thermax Board

Thermax® Insulation Finish Boards

Applications for Post Frame and Metal Buildings
Tilt-up Concrete or Masonry Walls

Two installation systems are available, both in custom lengths:

PVC Tracking System with Thermax board
Self-Impaling System with Thermax board, seams taped vertically, trim at bottom

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Pull Dial
Pull-tested to 400 pounds.
See test results here.

PVC Tracking System

thermax pvc

Interlocking PVC tracking system with Thermax board – vertical with horizontal trim at bottom.
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Thermax Sizzor



Self-Impaling System




Full-length Thermax board and seams taped vertically with trim at bottom.
Fastened with self-impaling nails and washers.
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Thermax Fastener

Thermax Fastener

Thermax Nail