Microbial Mold Abatement

In a regional area as damp and humid as ours can be, it comes as no surprise that mold contamination can be a common problem.  Adding in a sometimes heavy rainy season and the Ohio River, and what is sometimes only a ‘problem’ can border on catastrophic.  Because mold exists naturally in our environment, if the conditions are right for mold growth it can be a problem before you see any tell-tale signs.  Mold spores are commonly spread through HVAC systems and ductwork, as well as plumbing.  A proper mold assessment is necessary not only to determine the best approach for abatement, but also to take necessary steps for prevention of any future contamination.

While we do not provide microbial sampling services, we do work regularly with companies that do. The sampling and analysis should follow the recommendations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is vital that when a sample is taken the proper chain of custody is adhered to.

We use products for microbial abatement that are registered with the EPA, following EPA guidelines.  Formulated for use on multiple surfaces and effective on over 130 varieties of bacteria, viruses, and infectious organisms, the products we use and the process in which we use them ensure we are maximizing our ability to eradicate the contamination.