Since 2004 we have been providing fireproofing solutions for many of our clients, including but not limited to Spray Applied Fireproofing, Hand Patching, and Intumescent Paint.  We work with a variety of products and applications to find the proper fireproofing system to meet our client’s needs. Central Insulation Systems, Inc. is a licensed applicator of CaFco spray-applied fire-resistive materials.

Fireproofing for Commercial Construction

High Density fireproofing products are designed for indirect weather exposure and where abrasion resistance. High Density products are typically used in manufacturing plants, power plants, and stadiums.

Mid Density fireproofing products are designed for exposed areas where moisture abrasion resistance are needed, such as mechanical rooms, indoor pool areas, gyms, and storage facilities.

Low Density fireproofing products are designed to provide fire resistive ratings for floor and roof decking, joists, and structural steel.

Fireproofing for Industrial Construction

Industrial grade fireproofing materials are designed for interior and exterior use and to protect against rapid temperature rise fires, particularly manufacturing plants.

Intumescent Fireproofing

Intumescent fireproofing is a thin film coating or ‘paint’ that can be used for both interior and exterior needs. Typically a decorative coating on exposed steel and steel beams, it provides fire protection for structural steel by expanding when heated to insulate the steel. Intumescent fireproofing can be used in commercial and industrial applications.

Spray Applied Insulation

Sprayed-on insulation is used in areas that are exposed to view or where batt insulation is not ideal. We work with several products in a variety of colors to give our clients a broader range of options, in both thermal and acoustical insulation, typically used in auditoriums, convention centers, parking decks, detention facilities, and indoor pool areas, offices, churches, schools, and movie theaters.