Universal Waste

Universal waste can be defined as hazardous waste that is widely generated by individuals, schools, hospitals, etc.  These are typically batteries, fluorescent  light bulbs, PCB ballasts, mercury switches and thermostats, and cathode ray tubes, just to name a few.  Because of their hazardous elements, these items cannot just be thrown in the trash or dumpster.  They have to be properly disposed of in a facility approved to accept and handle universal waste. CIS has been handling universal waste removal and disposal for a wide variety of clients over the years.

Universal Waste Disposal & Recycling

The fluorescent tubes, mercury switches, PCB-containing ballasts and PCB-containing capacitors will be collected, boxed and stored until transported by the recycling facility.  The universal waste collection will be documented by quantity and collection dates.  This information will be clearly marked on the boxes prior to transport in accordance with EPA guidelines.